SOLIDWORKS on Song For Premium Hi-Fi Manufacturer Bowers and Wilkins

Who said CAD software couldn’t surprise you? Elite hi-fi manufacturers Bowers and Wilkins needed a simple way to add product imagery and illustrations to its user guides. Then it realised that SOLIDWORKS Composer makes it a cinch. Result? Bowers and Wilkins guides are produced 80 percent faster and its graphic design team can take a breather.

Bowers and Wilkins at home
Image 1 – Bowers and Wilkins prides itself on the beauty of its products, sound quality, and user guides.


Meet Bowers and Wilkins: For sound that gives you goose bumps

Bowers and Wilkins know a thing or two about quality hi-fi gear. From the control room of Abbey Road Studios to the homes of the most discerning audiophiles, its equipment is the trusted choice of music connoisseurs.

Here’s the thing; As a customer, high-quality audio equipment is worthless unless you know how to use it and that’s where a clear, concise user guide comes in.

The challenge: adding imagery to user manuals

No normal person enjoys reading user manuals. It has to be clear and customer-friendly; concise yet comprehensive. Product imagery can go a long way to creating user guides that actually improve customer experience. But Bowers and Wilkins had a problem. Its graphic design team was busy. So busy that adding imagery to user manuals was disrupting workflows and holding up the business.

The answer: let SOLIDWORKS take care of product imagery

SOLIDWORKS Composer allows you to re-purpose 3D CAD data to create high-quality illustrations and photorealistic images. Best of all, you can do it in a snap. Within a matter of clicks you can choose the perfect angle, create exploded views of your product or work up photorealistic images that bring an end to waiting around for real-world prototypes.

Bowers and Wilkins User Guide
Image 2 – With the help of SOLIDWORKS, Bowers and Wilkins’ user guides are much easier to follow.


The result: user guides that look better and are produced faster

For Bowers and Wilkins, SOLIDWORKS Composer was a game-changer. Its guides are produced 80 percent faster than before, workflows are more streamlined and the business is working more efficiently and economically. It’s now easier than ever before for Bowers and Wilkins to create user guides that look as good as its products sound.

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