Headkayse Improves Cyclist Safety with Folding Helmet

Road safety is a constant concern for cyclists. Being exposed to the asphalt, careless drivers and heavy motor vehicles, in all the elements, makes cycling an activity that’s not without hazards. A good, solid cycle helmet for all bike riders is a no-brainer. Yet the design of the cycle helmet hasn’t altered all that much in a generation. Here to change that is Headkayse.

What’s the Headkayse?

Answering the lifelong commuter question of exactly where to keep your headgear whilst at work, Headkayse is little short of a revolution in the cycling helmet department. A soft, yet resilient helmet with the added flexibility of, well, flexibility, it’s compact, folding headwear that flattens to virtually nothing, yet provides excellent impact protection to cyclists. Remarkably it’s even one-size-fits-all, with one universal design that can be worn on any head, from child to adult. It’s a genuine innovation that’s resilient yet soft; stylish yet functional.

SOLIDWORKS was the software that enabled its creation.

Headkayse improve cyclist safety with folding helmet – GIF

How did SOLIDWORKS help build the Headkayse?

SOLIDWORKS is a perfect fit for the design of a product like Headkayse. It incorporates a huge range of materials into its software, with precision accuracy, allowing engineers and designers to stress-test and apply pressures to compute the exact dimensions and measurements required to make the perfect helmet. Finding SOLIDWORKS as flexible as their eventual product, the Headkayse team was able to prototype, simulate and make adjustments virtually, with no loss of materials. Result? The Headkayse flattens by 70 percent to just 5cm wide, reducing its volume by 50 percent from 5L to 2.5L.

The tooling of the product had to be no less than perfect. Road safety gear is built to save lives. The margin for error was non-existent. With SOLIDWORKS’ ability to replicate in 3D the precise behaviour of materials loaded onto its database, the team was able to make confident, fully-informed decisions on a design that would satisfy both the supple unique selling point of the Headkayse, combined with the crucial need to protect the wearer. They did all that and more. The Headkayse is a multi-impact protection helmet, conforming to world safety standards.

Headkayse improve cyclist safety with folding helmet – Helmet in SW

Thanks to its rendering in SOLIDWORKS, the team were able to build a revolutionary helmet that had no need for any fancy mechanisms, and felt comfortable to wear. Having the ability to guide through the design process in 3D gave the team an extra edge in creating a world-first design.

What next for Headkayse?

Created by calling out to crowd-funding site Indiegogo, the Headkayse has surpassed its funding target, racketing up a whopping £90,000 in total funds so far. The initial batch has sold out and demand for the product remains intensely high. We’re proud that SOLIDWORKS can be associated with something as flexible, as it is successful.

To find out more about Headkayse, be sure to check out the original CadTek post here.


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