Follow the Learning Path at SOLIDWORKS World 2017

At SOLIDWORKS World there are over 350 learning sessions, and choosing the right ones to attend can be a bit of a headache. Now those nice people on the SOLIDWORKS events team have created an online ‘agenda builder’ where you can find sessions of interest based on a session category, COLLABORATE, CREATE, EXTEND, MANAGE, VALIDATE . But the observable among you will have noticed that there is a new type of session calcification, the Learning Path. This begs the question what is a Learning Path and is it worth attending?

At this years at SOLIDWORKS World there are four learning paths that attendees can follow. The chart below explains each path.


This learning path will simplify and demystify the development of connected products.


These sessions will span the normal categories but focus on a particular are of technology of the product development process. The goal of these paths is that an attendee can learn about the technology and implementation aspects of these four key areas for manufacturing. The path lectures will be delivered by SOLIDWORKS employees, partners and industry experts, who not only know the technology but have experience in implementing it into a product development process.

Attend these learning path sessions to learn the best practices of implementing model-based definition (MBD).


The Additive Manufacturing Learning path will explain the design constraints and best practices for additive manufacturing components and products.


Each path will start with a mini-general session and close with a Q&A, industry best practices and networking session. In between there will be at least six lecture sessions covering all aspects of the path topic. Now there is no requirement to follow the complete path, you can jump in and out of a path as you wish BUT if you attend at least four of the lectures on a path, attendees will receive a certificate of ‘path completion’ from MySolidWorks. In addition to the certificate, attendees who complete the MBD path will have access to further lessons and tests on MySolidWorks.

The Subtractive Manufacturing Learning path will focus on traditional manufacturing techniques and how CAD and CAM are being integrated.


The learning paths will give attendees a jump start in these important and emerging aspects of manufacturing giving them and their companies both insight and knowledge to accelerate their product development process.

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