The Direct Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

Ever wonder what the additional features are in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional? Do you need to queue up render jobs to be more productive during work hours, or want to animate an exploded view to show the inner workings of your innovative engineering or design solution? How about creating multiple colorways or design variations in seconds, then render them out all at once, or delivering interactive web content to your customers to impress them so much they hand over their wallets? Well, you’ve landed at the right blog post.

This month’s Visualize blog post is all about SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. The more advanced features in Visualize Professional enable you to quickly and easily create photo-quality imagery, animations, exploded views, camera flys, 360 spins, interactive web experiences and other 3D content in a snap.

Watch the how-to video below to see the direct benefits from Visualize Professional.



Would your organization and customers benefit from photo-quality animations of your products instead of just still images? SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional allows you to tell a deeper story with your CAD data, resulting in a deeper connection with your target audience…be it your design/engineering manager, potential customer or industry trade show. While there’s more upgraded features than I can list in a blog post, here’s my top five favorite features in Visualize Professional:

(1)    Interactive outputs of Virtual Reality (VR) & Panoramic

(2)    Configurations

(3)    Full Animation Suite

(4)    Custom Camera Filters

(5)    Render Queue

(6)    ***New for 2017, Visualize Boost (distributed Network rendering)


Click here for a full description of each feature, with images!


customizable camera filters


Also, if you have SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional or Premium and are on active Subscription, then you get SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard for free! And this free seat of Visualize Standard can be given to anyone in your company…even a different department! Visualize is a separate stand-alone product and does not occupy the SOLIDWORKS CAD license. Sign into your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and click any of the “Download Visualize” links to get started.

Image courtesy of ABCO Automation


New to the SOLIDWORKS Visualize product line? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Click here to watch a brief webinar overview of SOLIDWORKS Visualize and its benefits.

Here are more resources that can help you get started with SOLIDWORKS Visualize:

WATCH THE TUTORIALS to master SOLIDWORKS Visualize in no time and impress your boss with photo-quality content.

UPGRADE TO SOLIDWORKS VISUALIZE PROFESSIONAL for an enhanced 3D visualization experience. Contact your reseller now!

Brian Hillner

Brian Hillner

Brian Hillner is a Senior Product Portfolio Manager for SOLIDWORKS, responsible for Education and Early Engagement, and specializes in the intersection of business, technology & user experience. He focuses on creating customer-driven software products tailored for schools, educators and students to develop designers, engineers and dreamers of the future. Prior to joining the Education team, he was the Product Manager for SOLIDWORKS Visualize, eDrawings and the Extended Reality (XR) workflows.
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