Can’t Find a Model You Need? Request it on 3D ContentCentral

You’ve scoured 3D ContentCentral’s millions of models, you’ve completed all search fields, but you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. Well at least it probably didn’t take very long with the site’s advanced search tools, but I digress.

Yes, even with a design library featuring millions of models and parts from more than 1,000 suppliers, there are occasions where the part you’re looking for cannot be found on 3D ContentCentral. But don’t stop believing because this is not the end.

Now you can connect with fellow 3D ContentCentral users to request a model. This is especially helpful when you cannot find a model and do not have time to create a new one from scratch. You simply complete the request form, which asks for a picture or drawing of the item, a part number if it’s a component and URL to a website that shows the physical item.  Submitting the form will put out a model signal to the 3D ContentCentral community alerting them that a model is needed. Click here to submit a request.

On the flipside, you can be the design hero that the 3D ContentCentral community deserves. Simply browse existing requests submitted by others, create the CAD models and upload them to help your peers. One such hero is Richard Barber. Richard has completed several requests including a hose barb and the green LED you see below. Thank you Richard!


In addition to parts, many users often search for suppliers. More than 1,000 are present on 3D ContentCentral and if you cannot find the supplier you need, just complete the supplier request form. In addition to making requests, you can also vote for suppliers that have already been requested by the community and 3D ContentCentral will work to bring the most wanted to the website. Here are a few featured suppliers responsible for some of 3D ContentCentral’s most popular and newest models.

Whether you need a part or want to help design one, 3D ContentCentral is the place for you. Visit 3D ContentCentral to find the part you need or make a fellow designer’s day!


Boris Raskin

Boris Raskin

Boris is a SOLIDWORKS Senior Business Development Specialist, Alliances