Put an End to Plastic Part Problems by Answering Three Questions

Are you on a quest to design the best plastic parts? Before you journey any further, stop! Those who design plastic parts must answer these questions three, or they might not like the part they see.

Before sending your designs to manufacturing it’s important to be certain of the following:

  • Will my plastic part mold fill?
  • What will my physical part look like aesthetically and structurally?
  • How can I make my part better?

Watch the below video to learn how you can identify and correct plastic part design problems before they happen with SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer or moldmaker, SOLIDWORKS Plastics can help you solve injection molding challenges. READ THIS WHITEPAPER to learn how simulating the mold injection process give you a competitive advantage.


Brian Zias

Brian Zias

Senior Territory Technical Manager at Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS
Brian is a 15-year, expert SOLIDWORKS CAD, FEA, and CFD user and community advocate. His interests include engineering, simulation, team leadership, and predictive analytics. Brian holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA in Data Science.
Brian Zias
Brian Zias