Take Electrical Design to the Next Dimension with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

One of the main complaints that I hear from electrical engineers is that the software they use to design schematics does not have the user (or electrical users) in mind. They have too many icons and were not truly developed for schematic design. However, now you can experience the first electrical design software built on SOLIDWORKS DNA and defined by customer desires.  SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides an unmatched user experience through a simple and uncluttered work environment. Gone are the icon graveyards of the past. With its unique SOLIDWORKS-inspired and customer-demanded simplistic user interface (UI),

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016’s contextual-driven interface reduces the learning curve and simplifies electrical design through powerful automation and workflow simplicity, regardless of design complexity. As part in the SOLIDWORKS eco-system, SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 provides remarkable capabilities across the world in all industries, providing key capabilities for customer success.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical is based on the notion of real-time collaboration and provides all of the necessary capabilities to provide seamless collaboration between all project users regardless of discipline (mechanical/electrical/operations and supply chain) in a secure and managed environment. SOLIDWORKS Electrical also provides rights management of all aspects of product design and manufacturing right down to schematic book security. No other tools in the industry afford an easier-to-deploy, real-time secure collaborative environment out of the box.

The current market requires that we accelerate time to market and increase product integrity, so a high level of automation and innovative capabilities are required to meet demand.  SOLIDWORKS Electrical streamlines product development and accelerates and improves design integrity with simple-to-use, innovative automation and advanced capabilities like the ability to cut and paste or re-use large amounts of data and seamlessly integrate this intelligent data into the design.  Reporting and design validation includes easy-to-use, powerful design element filtering that allows the user to refine the content of reports with ease.

How practical is a design tool without the ability to easily support manufacturing and supply chain teams? SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 provides the ability to document, define and report on your schematic designs in real time with the inclusion of a new collaborative tool that harnesses the power and ease of use of Draftsight within the collaborative and controlled Environment of SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

With the changing paradigm of today’s products, the inclusion of electronics have gone mainstream, and SOLIDWORKS Electrical is ready to support these dynamic changes with the ability to integrate and deploy electronics in to your electrical and mechanical designs with ease. Through the capability to include printed circuit board (PCB) data directly into SOLIDWORKS Electrical schematic and seamless integration of CircuitWorks, it is easy to create 3D mechanical representations of your electronics with full interconnect and  associativity within your SOLIDWORKS CAD model. Watch this recorded webinar, Uniting the Electrical and Mechanical Worlds, to learn more about how SOLIDWORKS Electrical can keep your mechanical and electrical designers on the same page.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 tools provide real-time parallel design between all departments, providing unmatched virtual prototyping capability that is integrated within the SOLIDWORKS eco-system. With the introduction of SOLIDWORKS Visualize, SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D users can create photorealistic images of their electrical and electronic designs with ease, taking virtual prototyping to the new level.


Mechatronic and advanced interconnect design complexities are quickly driving the need for integrated schematic and 3D electrical technologies.  SOLIDWORKS Electrical can provide the ideal environment for mechatronic and harness-interconnect design. With real-time integration and collaboration coupled with SOLIDWORKS eco-system, traditional designs like 2D harness development and documentation can be evolved to the next dimension, exploiting technologies such as Model-Based Definition (MBD) and kinematic simulation readily available in the SOLIDWORKS eco-system.

The Cybecdine effect is coming to life were machines are building machines and factory in a box becomes a reality. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 provides a platform to create Plastronic designs where schematic-driven 3D printed electronic design can be achieved. Innovative capabilities that allow the Incorporation of both planer (traditional PCB) and freestyle electronics in a schematic-driven 3D environment ideally suited for 3D printed electronics design.

Check out all of the innovative capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 and see how the fusion of SOLIDWORKS DNA and electrical design can take your electrical design to the next dimension of Electrical 3D. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical Solutions here.