Before you build it: See CAD models available in the 3D ContentCentral User Library

Having trouble finding CAD models of purchased components on the manufacturer’s website? Stop! Don’t create a new model before checking the 3D ContentCentral User Library. Why? The User Library contains hundreds of thousands of easy to search user uploaded supplier models ready to meet your needs. Remember: browse it before you build it.

To give you a sense of the scope of CAD models and assemblies available, I took to the User Library in search of robots and the results did not disappoint. The User Library had everything from astromech droids and trash compactors to mechanical mutants and paranoid androids. Here are just some of the familiar faces you’ll find on 3D ContentCentral:



When your office is full of waste, this is the robot to take out the trash. Not only will it enjoy cleaning, it may help you remember a thing or two about being human.



Need a comedic foil for your stuffy protocol droid? Looking for an android assist to help you take down an evil empire or perhaps you’re in need of a waiter for your party barge? This is the droid you’re looking for.



Do androids dream of electric sheep? I don’t know, but if your droid is 50,000 times more intelligent than a human, it can suffer from bouts of anxiety and paranoia. This is the case with Marvin. When you need a robot with the brain the size of planet, look no further.




Conversely, if you have modeled a purchased component, share the model with the community by uploading it to the User Library for free. But don’t stop there, let’s have some fun. The User Library is also a great place to show of your CAD skills and upload anything from crossbows and airplanes to robots. The best part: when you browse it before you build it, you’ve got extra time to check out all of the cool models in the User Library. Click here to start searching today.


Boris Raskin

Boris Raskin

Boris is a SOLIDWORKS Senior Business Development Specialist, Alliances