More Than 300,000 CAD Models at Your Fingertips on 3D ContentCentral

3D ContentCentral is the place where an active community of over 1.3 million engineers and CAD designers can locate, configure, and download CAD models of supplier-certified and user-contributed components in more than 30 CAD formats in 2D and 3D. 3D ContentCentral contains almost 900 supplier catalogs and an extensive library of user-contributed content with more than 300,000 models.

A recent survey tells us that two thirds of users download ready-made 3D models at least once a year, with the majority doing so at least monthly. This allows engineers and designers to save time and improve design accuracy.

Need a 3D CAD model of an industrial component that you are using in your design?  Don’t spend time modeling a component that can be downloaded from 3D ContentCentral. Finding a CAD model that fits your requirements is quick and easy with 3D ContentCentral’s powerful search engine.  The real question is deciding what you’re going to do with this new free time. Fantasy sports? Cat videos? Actual work? I’m sure you’ll do the right thing.

On 3D ContentCentral, models can be found in seconds by searching on any of the following model attributes:

  • Name and part number
  • Supplier name and country
  • Model description and tags
  • Model properties
  • Datasheet content explaining model features

It’s possible to sort the order of the models by Best Match, Highest Rated, and Number of Downloads. You can also use any of the filters on the left hand side of the page to filter by supplier, content type, category, tags, and country. This video shows search in 3D ContentCentral and demonstrates how quickly you can download models into your CAD platform.

Advanced search is also available for more complex queries requiring multiple search criteria, such as exact wording, specific part number, or to exclude specific words, and more. Here’s how you can take advanced of the advanced search:

In addition, if you’re simply browsing 3D ContentCentral’s online CAD catalogs, you can Browse by Supplier to review more than 800 industrial component suppliers or Browse by Category to locate a specific type of model.

VISIT 3D ContentCentral NOW and quickly find the CAD Models you need to save time and improve design accuracy.

Boris Raskin

Boris Raskin

Boris is a SOLIDWORKS Senior Business Development Specialist, Alliances