Wamore Streamlines Inspection and Goes Paperless with SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Quality control can be a cumbersome process especially when you have a large assemblies and you’re working with pages upon pages of documentation.  You can spend nearly a day ballooning each dimension with a red pen and circle template and creating an inspection report. If you make a mistake, you have to do it all over again. Wamore, a SOLIDWORKS customer developing precise airdrop systems for the U.S. military, experienced issues with its assemblies due to a similar process. Using 2D paper prints lead to misinterpretation and variability not to mention lost time and money.

Wamore discovered SOLIDWORKS Inspection during a demo session at SOLIDWORKS World 2015 and knew it was the right choice. Not only does SOLIDWORKS Inspection integrate seamlessly into SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, SOLIDWORKS Composer, SOLIDWORK Simulation tools, and SOLIDWORKS CAD software, but it also provides the opportunity to go digital and go paperless. “The SOLIDWORKS Inspection database is a critical part of the system because it gathers and establishes a history of inspection measurements, which will enable us to immediately identify when a supplier has the same problem, lot by lot, with a specific feature,” said Mark Gerhard, Configuration Manager at Wamore.

Leveraging the power of SOLIDWORKS Inspection, Wamore improved inspection consistency and accuracy and eliminated the bulk of their assembly issues. Mark Kusbel, Vice President of Engineering and Business Development, praised the SOLIDWORKS Inspection database as a “critical part of the system because it gathers and establishes a history of inspection measurements,” enabling the company to communicate with suppliers about similar problems and issues.

To learn more about Wamore to see how SOLIDWORKS Inspection improved its business, read this case study.

Interested in learning how you can become the Inspection hero at your company? Dive into SOLIDWORKS Inspection today, tune into this recorded webinar.

Asya Bashina

Asya Bashina

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