Introducing 3DCC Professional Supplier Services

3D ContentCentral Professional Supplier Services was announced today on the main stage and will be available on the new 3D ContentCentral in the summer of 2015. Now, Supplier Services on 3D ContentCentral provides unrivaled capabilities to create and post a dynamic online catalog using a simple, intuitive publishing tool.

In today’s fast paced product development environment, engineers and designers expect to be able to download CAD models of purchased components. Being easily accessible and convenient is of utmost importance to fit this need for speed. For example, designers look to avoid the time consuming process of creating a CAD model based on a purchased component from a paper catalog or PDF datasheet. These written materials are prone to mistakes and information can get lost in translation from paper to CAD model.

Time constraints and inefficiencies of paper catalogs have pushed designers in the direction of online catalogs. According to a recent study, nearly 80 percent of buyers who downloaded and incorporated a 3D model from the internet ultimately bought the supplier’s product. It’s safe to say that once a downloaded model is incorporated into a design, it is as good as sold.
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How can 3DCC Supplier Services sell your products?

Intuitive Supplier Services catalog management tools on 3D ContentCentral allow streamlined catalog creation and content management. It’s easy to get started. Suppliers simply take advantage of direct upload from SOLIDWORKS, or an online batch upload tool, which allows for a fast and easy upload of your entire product line at once to the online catalog. Suppliers then make the models available to users on 3D ContentCentral by publishing the models in the catalog with a click of a button. Then, sit back and track your success by getting detailed reports of your CAD content download statistics.

Subscribe to 3D ContentCentral Supplier Services at the level that works best for you. 3D ContentCentral offers three different subscription levels that include specific features: Free, Standard, and Professional. Here, I’m going to outline three differentiators to Standard and Professional subscription levels along with a few features:


Standard and Professional level suppliers receive verified status. Verified status calls attention to your catalog in search results and browsing pages and lets your catalog stand out among a community of suppliers on 3D ContentCentral.

Subscription users are able to publish their catalog that appears on 3D ContentCentral directly to a company website using Web Syndication. This does not require programming expertise and can be done by anyone who is familiar with making changes to a company website. With Web Syndication, customers can find and download models directly from your company website.

Get usage reports to see who is downloading your content and get in touch with your prospective customers to offer additional product information and design assistance. Subscription packages offer suppliers the chance to determine how many details they want to see on a monthly basis, so the supplier always has control of the bill. Suppliers may upgrade anytime to see more Download Details.

Visit today to learn more about 3D ContentCentral Supplier Services.  To contact us, please go to Supplier Services Support.

Boris Raskin

Boris Raskin

Boris is a SOLIDWORKS Senior Business Development Specialist, Alliances