Mike Buchli on Using Conceptual Design in the Cloud

Karl W. Schmidt & Associates, Inc. supplies state-of-the-art recycling systems and equipment to companies in more than 35 countries. With a focus on innovation, Karl Schmidt Associates helps its customers operate more efficiently by providing strategic insights on recycling trends and technologies.

A key part of this innovation is in its selection of design tools. Karl Schmidt Associates relies on the SOLIDWORKS 3D development platform, including design, simulation and data management software, to support system development and production. Last year the company also joined the SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design (code-named SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual) Lighthouse program to test how the software could help them improve innovation, increase collaboration and shorten the sales cycle, and they are pleased with the results.


“SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design allows us to complete iterations faster while simultaneously cutting the number of revisions required in half,” Engineering Manager Mike Buchli explains. “For example, a customer may want 10 changes to a particular layout. Using the powerful direct editing capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design, we can make changes that would take days in traditional CAD in a just few hours. The software lets you push and pull on a part in real time to meet a customer’s unique requirements. With SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design, we can devote more of our time to creating new concepts, increasing innovation and improving quality.”

In addition, SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design social communication capabilities are an important driver in streamlining and accelerating Karl Schmidt Associates’ communications with its customers. The software establishes a secure, collaborative web site, where Karl Schmidt Associates can post design concepts and layouts, and customers can review designs, add comments and make revisions.


Karl Schmidt Associates realized dramatic productivity gains because SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design lets the company focus on design rather than manufacturing issues. “We’re a fairly small company competing against some much larger concerns,” Buchli continues. “We modularize as much as we can, but having a tool like SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design gives us a real edge over the competition when it comes to providing customers with more creative solutions to special requirements with fewer revisions.”

Learn more about how SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design helped Karl Schmidt Associates at SOLIDWORKS World during Mike’s session, “Using Conceptual Design with Existing Design.” Click here to explore the more than 200 sessions scheduled at #SWW15.


Kristen Wilson

Kristen Wilson

Senior Manager Brand Offer Marketing, SolidWorks at Dassault Systemes
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Kristen Wilson
Kristen Wilson