Jeremy Singley Industrial Designs Provides a New Perspective on Innovation with SOLIDWORKS

What do goggles, innovation and the SOLIDWORKS community have in common? Jeremy Singley Industrial Designs. Jeremy Singley, a long-time SOLIDWORKS customer and owner of his own design firm, implemented SOLIDWORKS Professional, Flow Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Gold Solution Partner Power Surfacing to deliver production-ready concepts efficiently and cost-effectively. Singley knew that he needed to purchase SOLIDWORKS in order to adhere to his business mission of developing creative, innovative designs that can be manufactured profitably.

Singley decided to make the switch to SOLIDWORKS in 2004 and use it as the primary development software for his design firm. With SOLIDWORKS, Singley was able to tackle one of the firm’s challenging projects: coming up with a new approach and concept for ZOWA Optics motocross goggles. ZOWA approached Singley requesting a new, innovative pair of motocross goggles that sit on the rider’s helmet rather than their forehead, yet still seal to the face.

ZOWA Optical Googles designed by Jeremy Singley Industrial Design
ZOWA Optical Googles designed by Jeremy Singley Industrial Design

“The goggles have to precisely fit the helmet and the face, which was tricky,” Singley explains. “There isn’t a straight line in the design. Plus, the design incorporates a snap-in lens, requiring the use of lugs in the lens groove that require undercuts in the mold. While we stayed true to the original idea, the surface modeling was very complex, required many changes, and a large number of prototypes. SOLIDWORKS made the entire development process more efficient. It would have been impossible to do this project without SOLIDWORKS.”

Singley also leveraged the help of SOLIDWORKS Partner Ambix Manufacturing to resolve mold issues relating to matching the lugs in the goggle frame with detents in the die-cut lens. With the help of SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services, Singley was able to stay connected to the vast SOLIDWORKS community of partners, resellers, technical support specialists, and user groups.

Zowa 3

“The SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service also ensures that on the latest version of SOLIDWORKS, which is important not only to stay current with partners and clients but also to take advantage of the valuable user enhancements that are included in each new version of the software,” Singley adds. “For example, the latest version of SOLIDWORKS included five new features related to just industrial design. SOLIDWORKS listens to its users, so buying the Subscription Service means that users will have access to the new tools, features, and capabilities that they need with each new version of SOLIDWORKS.”

To learn more about Jeremy Singley Industrial Design and the firm’s implementation of SOLIDWORKS, read the case study.

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