Concept Before CAD Episode 3: Designing a Mount for a Giant LCD

While I was hard at work last week, Brian attended the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference  in San Jose, California.  He told me about a 70” LCD interactive touchscreen display that could take the place of the LCD monitors and whiteboards in our offices.  The great part is these displays are powered by visualization software from our new friends at RTT. I guess the future IS now—not just for graphics technology, but also for conceptual design workflows.  Watch closely this week as Brian and I use SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual to design an innovative mounting system for that 70” display.  Maybe if we do a good job, we can get budget approval for two!

In Episode 3, you’ll see how Brian and I work concurrently on the design tasks and take advantage of some unique features like fast 3D primitives, built in non-linear simulation, and instinctive direct editing.  We’ll begin moving our conceptual design into SOLIDWORKS for detail work, and all the while, we’re staying connected through the social tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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– Brad

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