SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual: Concept Before CAD – Episode 1

Many of you in the SOLIDWORKS community have seen or heard of a new tool we’re releasing this spring, SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual. All of us at SOLIDWORKS are stoked to be getting deeply hands-on with it as we prepare to launch to the community. A few weeks ago, my colleague Brad and I came up with an idea: “What better way to warm up our design skills with this new tool than to solve pesky problems we find around the office using a little creativity and the 3DExperience Platform?” from that, a web mini-series was born: Concept Before CAD.

In the first episode, Brad will join me as we begin to mock up our office as a baseline for our modifications and enhancements. Following that, every two weeks this web series will take you through a variety of design challenges, ultimately having some fun but also taking a look at where design ideas come from and what designers and engineers do before they begin detailed CAD design. What could possibly be better than loose paper sketches, erased whiteboards, forgotten conversations, email threads and file sharing sites?

Up until now there hasn’t been a unified platform or product that captures all the elements of the conceptual design process, so we’re excited to be showing you our take on it using SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual. Take a few minutes and watch the first episode. Let us know your ideas and what challenges we could solve around your office!

For more information on SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual, head over to the SOLIDWORKS website.

–Brian Zias

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