How can I view dimensions in an eDrawings file?

Here’s a question that comes up pretty often: you recently downloaded the free eDrawings Viewer so you can review designs created by members of your extended team. But while reviewing the designs, you notice that the dimensions in the drawings are missing. Naturally, you ask “how can I view the dimensions in my eDrawings files?”

Here’s the answer. The user who publishes the original eDrawings file has the ability to disable the measuring tool, which helps with protecting design data. If you need to see this information, contacting the user who sent the files and asking him or her to enable the measuring tool is one option. If this is not a possibility, many people find that eDrawings Professional will allow them to see the dimensions and measurements they are looking for.

So what is eDrawings Professional? eDrawings Professional extends the functionality of eDrawings Viewer to include markup and measure, and the ability to publish eDrawings files as review-enabled. It also includes advanced viewing capabilities such as dynamic component translation, and dynamic cross section views. A complete list of features and benefits available for this product can be located on our eDrawings website. The advanced collaboration capabilities of eDrawings Professional are available at additional cost.

edrawings dimensions

Before purchasing, we encourage you to download a 15-day free trial of eDrawings Professional. Once you have completed your 15-day free trial period, please contact your local SolidWorks reseller if you like more information or are interested in purchasing eDrawings Professional.

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Robert Benenato

Robert Benenato

Customer Center Administrator & Marketing Assistant at Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation
Customer Center Administrator & Marketing Assistant at Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation. Musician/songwriter when away from my desk.