Dramatically reduce design errors by using SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology

As the complexity of your engineering problems, design, and assemblies increases, so do the chances of making a costly mistake that may lead to many hours of re-work and may cause you to pull your product out of production. You’ll spend more time trying to find the solution rather than finishing your job. Most CAD systems can tell you if there is a mistake in your design, but most CAD software solutions will not tell you WHY things have gone wrong. However, SolidWorks equips you with tools, such as SWIFT’s (SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology) FilletXpert and SketchXpert, to help you dramatically reduce errors, whether you’re a novice or an expert.

SWIFT is a set of tools embedded in SolidWorks that were designed to make finding errors easier when it comes to building models and CAD-ing.  Sketching is the cornerstone of any design, whether it’s a concept sketch or the start of a fantastic new 3D model, you’ll want to make sure your sketches are behaving as expected. SolidWorks will warn you if it sees a potential problem in your sketch and take you into SketchXpert, which will analyze how your sketch was created and offer solutions to your problems. This will drastically decrease the time you spend scratching your head and pulling hairs over a faulty design.

Fix flaw in your sketch with SketchXpert

The FilletXpert, another great SWIFT feature, enables you to set edges together by selecting similar edges all in one operation. When you add more edges to a selection of your design, you will see a preview. If there is no preview, there is no fillet – you’ll be warned in advanced. Creating all sorts of fillets such as corner fillets is a piece of cake. The FeatureXpert can help you detect which fillets can’t be created.

Address fillet errors with FilletXpert


Combining the features offered by SWIFT such as FilletXpert and SketchXpert can help you eliminate errors in your design earlier in the design process by giving you easy to understand feedback, which explains exactly how to fix the error. When your designs fight you, only SolidWorks will fight back.

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Asya Bashina

Asya Bashina

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Asya Bashina
Asya Bashina