With Dinamo Group and TEKNIKER, Your Museum Guide Could Be a Robot

As some of you travel to new destinations this summer, you may go to a museum or two. You may even decide to take tour. Imagine that your tour was run by a cute robot that guides you through different exhibits in the museum. Thanks to SolidWorks, this robot is no longer a figment of your imagination.

Dinamo Robot in Kutaxespacio engineered in SolidWorks
Carlos Ruiz, Eureka! Science Museum Director, with kTBot at the Eureka! Science Museum

Designed by IK4 TEKNIKER and Dinamo Design using SolidWorks Professional, the kTBot prototype has recently joined the staff of the Eureka! Science Museum in San Sebastian.  Guiding visitors along predetermine paths through museum exhibits, the kTBot operates via an iPad on the back of his head which allows you to toggle through different options to view additional exhibits and find out more information about specific stops along the tour. Dinamo and TEKNIKER will also install the robot at the MIRAMON-kutxaespacio Science Museum in San Sebastian.

The kTBot’s success is largely due to Dinamo Group and TENIKER’s focus on design. Originally, Dinamo had contemplated using SolidEdge, however they were drawn to SolidWorks Professional by the user-friendly interface and the product’s ease of use.  Using SolidWorks Professional the two companies are able to communicate with ease and share their designs quickly and efficiently.

kTBOT design in SolidWorks Back View
Back view of the kTBot

“We have used SolidWorks since 2001 and we haven’t looked back since”, said Iñigo Echeverria, owner of Dinamo Design.” Photoview 360 allows us to make 3D prototypes and photorealistic rendering quickly; if we want to change our design, the renderings in SolidWorks adapt with the changes.”

Echeverria also cites the tool’s other features such as mechanical analysis and simulation which lets Dinamo measure the resistance of different parts in our model and integrate the exterior design with the interior designed by TEKNIKER.

Dinamo Group and TEKNIKER’s product will officially launch in a month, so if you’re traveling to San Sebastian, keep an eye out for the kTBot.

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Asya Bashina

Asya Bashina

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Asya Bashina
Asya Bashina