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Around the world, there’s a never-ending drive for increased productivity. For design teams, this means constant pressure to create more and better designs in less time.  This isn’t news, of course–it’s the reason SolidWorks was created, and it’s why we improve the product every year, with new capabilities and new ways of creating better designs faster.

Over the years, we’ve found that most users stick with a regular subset of the tools in SolidWorks. For most of you, there are lots of unexplored capabilities and techniques you’ve probably never applied. When faced with the need to use a new feature, a little help can sometimes go a long way in achieving just what you’re looking for in a design.

The SolidWorks community website is a great place to turn for the insights you need to get the most out of SolidWorks.  With discussion forums, blog posts, online help and more, a visit to the SolidWorks community site will usually result in an answer.  And in cases where it doesn’t, it’s easy to pose a question – one of your fellow users can likely offer an advice.

To help build on that spirit of collaboration, we’re happy to announce the official release of My.SolidWorks is a new online experience that makes engaging with the SolidWorks community easier than ever.  My.SolidWorks gives you a single place to find insight and expertise from all over the SolidWorks community. It lets you connect, discover and share anything and everything SolidWorks.

My.SolidWorks browse view

If you’re in need of a quick answer to a question, My.SolidWorks provides immediate access to forum posts, online help, YouTube videos, blog posts and more. You can also search all of those sources for answers with a single click.  All of the relevant results are delivered on one page, making it much easier to get in, find an answer, and get back to your design.

My.SolidWorks search results

We know that some of you visit the SolidWorks forums regularly, either to stay on top of updates and examples, or to help others with their SolidWorks questions.  If you want to keep your skills sharp or offer their expertise to others, My.SolidWorks represents a single place to engage about everything SolidWorks.

All My.SolidWorks users can benefit from bookmarking useful articles and the option to personalize the kinds of articles that are shown in your view of the community.  And My.SolidWorks makes it easy to share useful articles with others.  It provides a great value to your team and to you.

Anyone can use My.SolidWorks via a web browser at  You’ll get the most capability when you’re logged in using your SolidWorks customer account. Customers with an active SolidWorks Subscription get additional value by accessing the content tied to a subscription also appears in My.SolidWorks.  We will be adding mobile capabilities–as well as an add-in to SolidWorks–soon.

My.SolidWorks is available now – sign in or sign up today!

John Ellsworth

John Ellsworth is part of the Strategy and Community team at DS SolidWorks, leading the My.SolidWorks project.

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