Celebrating International Women’s Day with our Top Sales Award Winners

Today is International Women’s Day, a 101 year old holiday commemorating women’s role in society. Women’s
growing contribution to science, technology, business, the arts, politics, and economics exemplify the holiday’s mission.

This year, International Women’s Day is especially important here at SolidWorks. At SolidWorks World, we always recognize the reseller sales representatives who have sold the most SolidWorks software solutions in the previous year. For the first
time in SolidWorks history, three ladies swept the top spots for  Top Sales Award at the Reseller Awards Dinner at SolidWorks World:  Denee Busby from GoEngineer, Irina Gumeniuk from SolidWorks Russia, and Tia Jax from Progression Technologies.

SolidWorks Honors Women for the Top Sales Award at SolidWorks World

Bertrand Sicot, CEO of SolidWorks, and Ken Clayton, VP of Worldwide Sales, posing with Top Sales Award recipients (from left to right) Denee Busby, Irina Gumeniuk, and Tia Jax.

We congratulate Denee, Irina, and Tia for their achievements and for their service to you, the SolidWorks community. Also, don’t forget take a moment today to thank some of the remarkable women in your life. Happy International Women’s Day!

Asya Bashina

Asya Bashina

Subscription Services Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Subscription Services Marketing Specialist. Brand Marketing pro and travel enthusiast with a sense of humor.
Asya Bashina
Asya Bashina