“Set Document Property” for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Users

Most people know that “Set Document Property (Sldsetdocprop) can be used to make a SolidWorks Toolbox part behave like a normal part, but did you know you can use the same tool to make a normal part behave like a Toolbox part?

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM users all across the land think this is cool.  Here is why:

Checkout this screen shot from EPDM’s “Copy Tree” command:



See the part cleverly named: “I want this part to work like a toolbox part.sldprt”? This part is just a simple part like all of the others except I changed it into a Toolbox part with the sldsetdocprop command. Now, by default, “Copy Tree” does not try to copy this file. I don’t have to dig through my copy list trying to figure out which are my standard/toolbox parts that I don’t want to copy, Copy Tree does this for me now!

“Set Document Property” can work on an entire directory, so if you have a directory of commercial parts, it may be worth your while to change all the parts in that directory to become a “toolbox” part.


Jeff Sweeney is an Application Engineer at 3DVision Technologies, a SolidWorks Value Added Reseller with locations across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  He is a regular contributor to 3DVision Technologies’ Blog where you will find new ideas to improve your productivity with SolidWorks.