Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Like many other people, I’ve been a bit sad, if not depressed, since I learned of Steve’s passing.  It’s kind of weird, right?  I’ve never met him, exchanged an email with him, or even seen him from afar at some tech event.  Yet I can’t help but feel the void created when someone close to you is gone.  So how did Steve get this close to so many of us?

I’m a product guy who spends a great deal of my time thinking about how products should serve users in ways they really care about.  I also probably spend more time than most thinking about how a user’s emotions are a part of the overall user experience.   But I’ve always been inspired and in total awe of Steve, the true master of product. 

Steve seemed to be tenacious about ensuring we all consistently and completely experienced his products in a way that was emotionally powerful.  Of course the products performed very well and met all functional expectations, but his products were much more than that. 

Every product helped you feel like the person you aspired to be.  People that use Apple products feel like they are cool, hip, smart, creative, and stylish.  Steve and company made sure that everything related to those products made you feel that way.  The television commercials, the Apple Store, website, and even the boxes the products came in.  Everything we experienced said, “you’re part of our cool Apple family”. 

Steve had a reputation for being a tough and intimidating person to work for.  I can’t help but see this as “tough love”.  He seemed to do everything in his power to give us the best products and experience possible.  We were worth nothing less. 

Thank you Steve, you will be missed!

25+ year veteran of the CAD industry. Helped conceive and deliver DS SolidWorks products such as eDrawings, FeatureXpert, FilletXpert, DraftXpert, Sustainability, and Augmented Reality in eDrawings. My mission is to come up with new product ideas which are inspired by needs that REALLY matter to technology users.