Do You Participate in Design Review Meetings?


We need your help.

We are currently working with some technology that we feel would make design review meetings more effective.  Before we go too far with our work, we want to ensure we are solving problems that our customers really care about.  So please help us to figure this out by participating in this short 10 minute survey (

We have already done some customer visits to research this project.  The good news is that these visits have increased our confidence that this is a good project to pursue.  We now want to validate this on a larger scale with this survey.  Remember, your opinion and needs are really important to us at SolidWorks, so make sure you voice is heard.

Thank you in advance for you time.

Warm regards,

Rick Chin, Director of Product Innovation

25+ year veteran of the CAD industry. Helped conceive and deliver DS SolidWorks products such as eDrawings, FeatureXpert, FilletXpert, DraftXpert, Sustainability, and Augmented Reality in eDrawings. My mission is to come up with new product ideas which are inspired by needs that REALLY matter to technology users.