What Should Rick Chin Work On Next?

Rick Chin, our Director of Product Innovation, needs something new to work on. So he wants you to help him decide. Keep reading for more.

Over the past 14
months, I have been working on the new SolidWorks Sustainability product,
which we are in the middle of launching.  With the release of this
product, my participation is winding down.  I now need to start
working on my next project.  I had a couple of ideas, but decided to
instead start with some upfront customer research.  The plan is to
use the research to inspire what this next project should be.

We want this next
project to be relevant and important to our customers in a big
way.  So we want to take a fundamental look at your job as a design

  • What
    are the important things you need to accomplish?  
  • What
    are the things getting in your way?  
  • What
    in your current design process contributes or takes away from your
    competitive edge?  
  • What
    makes collaboration with others effective or a total waste of your

Our goal is to
"unleash the uber-engineer or designer in you"!

Please take this survey.  It will take you less than 15
minutes to complete.  Help us to give you the products you really
want.  Thank you in advance for your time.


Rick Chin

Director of Product

DS SolidWorks

Here's a video I helped Rick put together talking about what he's looking for. This is your chance to decide where we go next!

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