Top three Flow Tips

Here are three top tips for all you flow users out there.

  1. Use the Check Geometry command (Flow Simulation – Tools – Check Geometry…) to make sure there are no invalid contacts and that your fluid volume is greater than zero. If the fluid volume is zero or there are invalid contacts then these issues will have to be corrected before proceeding any further.
  2. If there is a wall with fluid on both sides make sure you select the Optimise Thin Walls Resolution check box in the Initial Mesh command.image 
  3. The first time you run an analysis use the default setting 3 for the Level of initial mesh and unselect the Solve check box. SolidWorks Flow simulation will only run the meshing process. If the mesh is satisfactory and you have enough memory then Continue the calculation. If there is a problem with the mesh then advanced mesh settings or simplifying the model may be required. image

Hope this helps!!

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