COFES Friday Morning

Great start to COFES 2009 this morning.

Chuck House keynote speech was really interesting.  Chuck is an engaging speaker who has been around Silicon Valley a long time.  Lots of fascinating stories about technology evolution in places like HP, Stanford, MIT, Tektronix — and a fair amount of cynical humor about Twitter.  No, Chuck does not Twitter.

Chatted with Martyn Day and Al Dean of Develop3D.  A paper copy of their magazine was included in the COFES gift bag.  Develop3D magazine is VERY well done — impressive!  You must get your hands on a copy.

Also met up with Howie Markson of Spatial, Sandro Sozzi of Cyon, Marc Halpern of Gartner Group, Lou Gallo of SolidWorks Heard, Bill McClure of Siemens PLM, Roopinder Tara of, Chris Williams of Vuuch, and many other cool CAD industry folks.

Now in a breakout session on social networking in engineering design.  Kind of ironic to be writing a blog post during a session on social networking.  I think I'll go up the irony level by Twittering…

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