Knee Surgery In 1 Hour — Seriously

Great customer visit yesterday to Mako Surgical in Florida  Knee surgery in 1 hour.  Home same day.  Walk that night.  No kidding.

An absolutely amazing collection of many cool technologies.  CAT scans, complex SolidWorks surfacing, their own high-accuracy robot inspired by Barrett Technology, haptics (feel things that aren't there), SolidWorks modeling of virtual spaces to control surgical cutting, 3D positioning that is so precise (sub-1mm accuracy) cuts can be made in bones while — get this — the bones are moving around, and a whole bunch of custom software to plan and control the surgery.

And the resulting knee works way better than conventional knee surgery.  And now they are doing hips.

Mako founder Rony Abovitz and team spent a decade combining a bunch of mind-blowing technology so that anatomy can be fixed with the precision of CNC manufacturing.

This may be the coolest systems engineering project I have ever seen.

– Jon



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