COFES Friday Afternoon: Way Cool Stuff

Final Friday COFES session had a load of way cool stuff:

Simon Floyd of Microsoft just showed an amazing video that imagines a future world with huge touch/gesture screens everywhere, plus tons of other cool technologies.  Watch it here:  (unfortunately this is low-res video).

Also a video of a cool gesture-based ui with giant wall-size monitors.

Face Recognition: A video and live demo of face recognition using an ordinary laptop webcam.  No training — just sit down in front of the screen and start using your head motion to control, for example, a video game.  Or automatically turn the computer off when you leave your desk.  Or rotate a CAD model — wow.

A really cool talk from JPL about how they rapidly develop lots of new concepts.

A futuristic video of a man who designs an entire city from scratch using gesture-based UI.  Amazing.  Again I will try to get a URL.

Then into the desert for socializing and gazing through giant telescopes at Saturn and M35.

I've already had enough one-on-one talks with interesting CAD people, both old and brand-new, to make my whole trip worthwhile.  My measure of worthwhile: can my meetings here eventually lead to something good for our SolidWorks customers.  I believe they will!

And another whole day of COFES ahead.

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