Do you need data management?

I sometimes hear from users who express frustration with a lack of organization of their design data. When I ask how they are managing their data the typical response is standard windows folder or shared drives. So, how do you know if you could improve design data management?


Simple: have you ever found yourself asking these questions?

  •  Where did I put that file?
  •  Is this the latest revision of the file?
  •  I’m sure I changed that part, somebody must have overwritten it!
  •  I opened the assembly, where are the part files?
  •  Who is working on that file?
  •  Where is this part used? If I change it what assemblies will I impact?
  •  Why is it so slow? (working with shared drives over the network

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you could benefit from more organized data management.

PDMWorks is the perfect tool to help workgroups organize and secure their design data.

Best of all, it’s easy to implement and use and does not require lot’s of training and IT involvement.

I encourage you to take a further look at how PDMWorks can help you organize and manage your design data. Contact your reseller for more detailed information.


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