Assembly of the iPhone 5 using SolidWorks Composer

Iphone 5 Exploded view 

Check out this video showing the basic assembly steps for the iPhone 5 using SolidWorks Composer.  Features such as the digger let you see a section of the inside of model without needing to remove components.  There are three different kinds of exploded views that SolidWorks Composer has that allow the user to explode all the parts away from each other.  These and more features can be seen within this video.

Ian Jutras

  • Hiram

    Where can i download the pieces?

  • Viral Videos

    That was easiest way to assemble.

  • Adrian V.

    This Video does not do justice to Composer, just because there is iPhone on the title does not mean it’s “Cool”

  • Oboe Wu

    Hi Adrian,
    This video is more like helping to explain interesting but complex concepts or products that people are curious, but may not be very sure about.

    It wasn’t necessarily created to be “cool”, although making it cooler certainly would be nice. Any suggestions?