Mechanical Ice Cream Scoop in SolidWorks

Ice Cream Scoop
I came across this ice cream scoop in my kitchen and couldn't resist modelling it. It is complete except for the torsion spring that adds tension to the lever. I did not model the spring because I did not want to complicate the assembly and prevent movement.  Otherwise, through use of fillets and a gear mate, this assembly looks quite accurate.  Thanks for viewing!

Dave Knight

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Mechanical Engineering, 2013

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Dave Knight

Dave Knight

Dave Knight

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  • murat

    solid works görünümünde okadar mükkemmel değil hala eksik

  • jacob

    I am not sure if i should post this here so please accept my apologies if I am at the wrong spot. Has anyone tried to do an FEM on an orthotropic material? I seem to have a problem in defining the material properties that is part of an assembly. Thank you for your suggestions in advance.

  • Mariam

    I am a Mechanical Engineer at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi ( U.A.E)

    I am working in same project
    First I choose the ice cream scoop then I dissected into small parts
    Now I am trying to draw them on Solid Work CAD..
    I wish you the best

  • Dave Knight

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    Thank you Mariam, and good luck!Dave Knight