Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert Version 2.0 has Arrived

Originally launched back at SOLIDWORKS World 2010 in Anaheim California, the Certified SOLIDWORKS expert (CSWE) exam has been the pinnacle of certifications for power SOLIDWORKS users from around the world. To this day, the class of CSWEs remains relatively exclusive with about 2,500 in total around the world, split down the middle between reseller employees and commercial customers.

Today, the SOLIDWORKS Certification team announces version 2.0, which adds all new modeling challenges as well as an even longer format. Existing CSWEs are grandfathered in, but have also been issued a credit to take the new exam, if they so choose. For everyone else, the process of having to pass the CSWP exam along with four of five advanced topic exams remains as the prerequisite in order to take the CSWE exam.

Monroe Community College in Ohio shows off the CSWE certifications earned by its students with a ceiling tile-sized CSWE certificate!
Monroe Community College in Ohio shows off the CSWE certifications earned by its students with a ceiling tile-sized CSWE certificate!


So what’s the idea behind the CSWE exam, and why should SOLIDWORKS users strive to reach this goal?

The idea behind the exam was to provide a level of certification that only the most seasoned and experienced users could obtain. The challenges in the exam are not as straightforward as in the other exams, so to be called an expert, you have to be able to solve modeling challenges quickly and methodically.

Obtaining your CSWE certification allows you to stand out among your peers and places you into a small community of expert users. A CSWE-certified user is the go-to person who always has the answer when it comes to complex SOLIDWORKS modeling challenges. Is that person you?


Study materials for all of the SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams can be found on the MYSOLIDWORKS.com website. Anyone interested in knowing more about the CSWE exam, along with all the other available exams can visit the SOLIDWORKS Certification homepage to learn more.

Mike Puckett

Mike Puckett

Senior Manager, World Wide Certification Program SOLIDWORKS
  • Jesse Vanderhoff

    So this is just taking place of the original CSWE exam and is not an alternative or new certification? I’m a little thrown off by the “2.0”

    • My interpretation was that they’ve simply updated the exam with a longer format and utilizing newer features.

    • This is an updated version of original CSWE exam, so 2.0 version. Everyone appearing for CSWE will now get the new exam and not the old one. Exam is now 4 hrs and one needs SW2015 to give this exam http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/CSWE.htm

  • Hugo Ariza

    what do i have to do to get the credit to take the new exam?

  • Khaled Ali

    Is there one has an idea about the quality of the questions Is it like the previous exam questions or not …. Is there a witness exam