The Value of the SOLIDWORKS Certifications You Earn is Our Top Priority

Every SOLIDWORKS Certification we issue contains a few different levels of security in order to ensure that those who earn them will know the value that certification holds that they worked to achieve. Along with automated, technology-based checks of exam results, there are a couple of ways for anyone to verify the certification status of someone who is stating they have earned one of our certifications.

First, EVERY certificate that we issue contains one or two pieces of unique information that can be used to verify the actual status of a certification, a certificate ID and a QR Code that can be scanned. Some older certificates will only have a certificate id on it.

If you see a certificate posted to someone’s LinkedIn page, or in a SOLIDWORKS-related Facebook Group, for example, you should see the Certificate ID and QR Code (if it has a QR Code) along the bottom of the certificate, normally in the lower left corner as shown below:


You can scan the QR Code with your mobile device, or visit the following link and enter the certificate ID (C-H8NUWFLY67) in the validation box.

Upon clicking the validate button you will get one of a few different responses. If the certificate is valid, it will appear with a green watermark over the top of it stating VALID:


It will also list the certificate details, such as date, user name, and the subject. Be sure that the information matches what you are seeing in the published certificate.

If you get a result that says “Certificate Not Found,” then it either does not exist, or the certificate it had once referenced has been revoked by us:


One other possible result that will be very rare to come across will be a result of Expired:

This will only show up on certificates that employees of our Value-Added Resellers can earn from exams created especially for them. These exams are only for our resellers, so a normal user would not possess one of these certificates. Once a Reseller employee leaves that job and goes to work as a customer, any Reseller-specific certifications are no longer valid.

Reseller Employees are also the only individuals that we certify as instructors. The Certified Instructor and Certified Trainer are certifications that can only be held by Reseller Employees, and once they leave that job and go to work as a customer, or even a teacher, that certification is no longer valid.

If you see a certificate posted online and there is no QR Code, and no Certificate ID shown, then you may want to ask the individual for their certificate ID if you are trying to validate their credentials for an expected reason. We suggest to always electronically verify a certificate if one has been presented to you as a means to validate the individual’s knowledge of that topic.

Details about the SOLIDWORKS Certification Program can be found on the Certification Catalog Site.


Mike Puckett

Senior Manager, Worldwide Certification Program, SOLIDWORKS