Mechanism Library: Why I Didn’t Pursue My Hardware Startup

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 50 engineers while co-hosting the “Being an Engineer Podcast.” I’ve noticed a trend of senior mechanical engineers mentioning that tearing apart and reverse engineering products/gadgets is one of the optimal ways to improve one’s mechanical engineering skill set.

I have a passion for optimizing my learning curve, which led me on the path of developing this video playlist called “The Mechanism Library,” in which I’ll tear apart products all around us to teach you their inner working mechanisms using SOLIDWORKS. (So that you don’t have to, and can learn them in less than 8 minutes per gadget). Join me on the journey to becoming a better mechanical design engineer in the most efficient way.

This week I’ll tear apart an Automatic Water Dispenser for Dogs. I’ll teach you the mechanisms that govern the device, while specifically focusing on how the water valve works.

Note: For a full, rich explanation on how the inner mechanisms work, make sure the watch the video below and leave a comment. You won’t be disappointed.

A few key features/geometries photographed below. Explanations are provided in the video above.

Any recommendations of a mechanical product you think I should tear apart next? Feel free to reach out to me on Linkedin or Instagram. I read all correspondence.





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