Bluetooth Controlled Light Up Headphones

Technology is getting easier to access and this accessibility is opening a whole new avenue for amateur makers to create what used to be complex electronics, super easy.

We saw this cool project on Adafruit and thought we could easily use these awesome LED rings to make our own headphones. To help with the process we found a company called Print Plus DIY, they sell headphone kits that come with the speakers and wires and you 3D print the headphones. Taking these two concepts, we wanted to edit the STEP files from Print Plus DIY kits, and the make a custom casing for the Adafruit components.

We started in SOLIDWORKS to make our LED casings. We used a caliper to measure the components so they could fit well and kept the ring that the lights will shine through a separate body. As we were printing it in multi material we kept it separate so we can assign different material to each part. Once the part was complete we added the STEP files into an assembly so we can edit the parts with reference to the LED casings. We then sent the parts off to print!

All the parts printed just as expected, except the headband. Adding the channel for the wires made the strap too rigid, so we had to alter the idea and bundle the cables over the top. It was then time to solder the electrical components. We assembled the electrical components and used the printed parts to make sure we had enough length in the cable. We fitted the electrical components onto the LED cases and tested the circuit to see if all the connections worked.

We then assembled the Print Plus DIY components to make sure they all fitted and worked too.

The last step was to add the LED casing onto the headphones. We used some tape to hold it into place just to dry fit and make sure it all worked before using hot glue to bond them together. Hot glue can be great with 3D prints as it is a strong bond but it isn’t a permanent. If you wish to disassemble them you can crack them open.


This is something we have never done or tried before and it was super easy. We followed the instructions and when we ran into any trouble the internet had the answer. We created an awesome set of headphones that anyone has the chance to improve it in any way they wish. What will you make next?




Kirby Downey

Kirby Downey

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Kirby Downey
Kirby Downey

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