SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Viewer 2019 includes previous eDrawings Professional Features

Starting in eDrawings Viewer 2019, all previous functionality included with eDrawings Professional 2018 and prior are now included in the free eDrawings Viewer version.  This only applies to the Windows application only (not the mobile eDrawings App).

NOTE: Any new features added in eDrawings Professional 2019 and onward will only be available with an eDrawings Professional license (i.e. saving as a Web HTML introduced in eDrawings Pro 2019)

As an example, the Measure tool was only available in eDrawings Professional 2018 and older (though there was one scenario where eDrawings Viewer could measure).  Now eDrawings Viewer 2019 has full access to the Measure tool.

eDrawings Viewer 2019 includes eDrawings Professional 2018 features

Here is a table matrix of eDrawings Professional 2018 additional features.  All of the features are now in eDrawings Viewer 2019.

Feature eDrawings Viewer 2019
Publish SOLIDWORKS eDrawings files from multiple CAD Platforms Included
Ultra Compact Files Included
Built-in Viewer Included
Drawings layouts Included
Hyperlinking Included
3D Pointer Included
Point-and-click Animation Included
Share and View SOLIDWORKS Simulation results Included
Share & View MoldflowXpress output Included
Save in STL & other file formats Included
Enable Markup Included
Enable Measure Included
Password Protection Included
Dynamic Cross-section Included
Move Components Included
Explode Views Included
View part and assembly configurations Included
Play SOLIDWORKS Animations Included
Augmented Reality Included
View Mass Properties Included

New eDrawings 2019 functionality

Check out the video below for eDrawings functionality with SOLIDWORKS 2019:

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