Top 10 Favorite Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018

GSC’s technical experts have each selected their favorite features in SOLIDWORKS 2018.

GSC’s Top 10 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018

  • Mesh Modeling
    Now you can bring in 3D polygon mesh data and incorporate this data into your SOLIDWORKS designs.
  • Mirror 3D Sketch Geometry
    Save design time with the ability to mirror geometry in a 3D sketch. Additionally, planes can be used as the mirror reference in both 2D and 3D sketches.
  • Rotate Linear Pattern
    Linear patterns now rotate at the user’s specified axis and angle.
  • Custom Tabs in PDM
    With SOLIDWORKS PDM API, you can add custom tabs to a PDM vault view in Windows Explorer.
  • Expanded File Types in SOLIDWORKS Inspection
    SOLIDWORKS Inspection now supports more file types allowing users to create inspection reports directly from DWG and CATIA V5 Drawing files.
  • Modify Index in SOLIDWORKS Electrical
    With the addition of Modify Index, users can create connection labels much faster. Instead of editing pasted elements individually, you can select and edit the whole line.
  • Topology Study
    With user-defined goals, the topology study helps you determine the best strength to weight ratio, minimize the mass, or test for multiple load cases simultaneously.
  • Select Over Geometry
    Work faster with the ability to make a box or lasso selection directly over a model’s geometry. You can even select multiple items using the Control key.
    SOLIDWORKS CAM leverages proven CAMWorks technology to communicate with CNC machines. What previously required a license from a third-party is now included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS 2018.
  • Hide Surfaces
    Use the ALT key to temporarily hide surfaces and quickly select the hidden faces.
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