SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New Admin Portal – The 5 W’s

Who, What, When, Where, Why…and How Much?

You’re scraping the internet to learn what the Admin Portal is, right? New in SOLIDWORKS 2018, you now have access to a new utility called Admin Portal. This is not to be confused with the CAD Admin Dashboard. Read on for the details!


The SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal is an online asset and service management system that allows SOLIDWORKS administrators to easily add, remove and manage what products and services each individual of their company is entitled to. With multiple licensing options (Standalone, Network License or Online Licensing) and license type (Perpetual License or Term License), the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal is an online tool to help users manage their assets. Administrators can easily see the products and services they have, manage users, and associate products and services to users. They can also see where the licenses are activated when they are set to expire, and the account administrator can create reports of their assets.


Using the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal, administrators have a holistic view of their users, assets, and hardware (with the CAD Admin Dashboard) and can effectively manage all aspects related to their SOLIDWORKS installation base. Standalone licenses can be set to “Online Licensing” to give a particular user the flexibility to install and use this license on any machine.


Although the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal is set for late October, only employees and resellers will have access to it for the remainder of the year. Full worldwide general availability is targeted for mid-2018.


Once logged-in into, customers will see a SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal link in the drop-down menu under their profile name.

Admin PortalWho:

Anyone with a MySolidWorks Guest, Standard, or Professional account. However, any commercial customer with valid SOLIDWORKS IDs (regardless of their subscription status) can log into MySolidWorks and access the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal if eligible.


FREE of charge. The SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal is available to all new and existing SOLIDWORKS customers. Yes, this is FREE to all SOLIDWORKS customers regardless of their subscription status.

We have a TON of information about what you can expect from this tool. If you’d like to learn more, send me a note

Author:  Amee Meghani | GoEngineer

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