Top 3 Useful Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS 2017 is here and it’s packed with great enhancements making the use of SOLIDWORKS easier and more enjoyable. Here are my top 3 favorite functionalities in the Analysis tools.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Stress Singularities

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017

Gone are the days when you had to do multiple analyses to confirm diverging results and detect singularities. With 2017’s new Stress Hot Spot Diagnostics, unusually high stresses can immediately be diagnosed as a singularity or a region that needs additional attention.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation: View Transient Results 

It’s easier than ever to analyze results in a Transient Analysis using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2017 with the new Transient Explorer Option. Being just one click away in the Results option, you can now easily understand the physical mixing of multiple fluids in a tank or the changes in temperature profile of your electronic chip. 

SOLIDWORKS Plastics: Control Valves 

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2017 has a newly added functionality called Control Valves. For a part with multiple gates, Control Valves helps specify when a particular gate should open. In this clip, the center valve has a small pause before it opens. This helps change the location of weld lines to avoid structurally integral or cosmetically important regions. 

With hundreds of additional enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2017, I hope you find Simulation enhances your productivity as you design the future.

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