VIT’s The Road Runners Succeed in BAJA SAE India with SOLIDWORKS

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BAJA SAE India is a tough event.  The course layout and heat make it challenging for engineering students.   We caught up with Vellore Institute of Technology’s engineering students, The Road Runners of Chennai, India, where tonight it is 95°F (35C).

As their name suggests, this BAJA SAE India 2015 team is fast, placing 2nd in acceleration, 3rd in hill climb, and 4th in handling.

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Team captain and power train lead, Aditya Mukherjee and marketing manager, Cynthia Deb answered our questions about The Road Runners team and why they use SOLIDWORKS.

 “THE ROAD RUNNERS”, formed in 2012 is a dedicated team of automobile enthusiasts primarily devoted to the designing, developing and racing an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

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The team comprises 30 students from Mechanical and Electrical backgrounds united by a common ambition of achieving greater heights in pursuit of excellence and learning by building the best car on the race track with zero compliance within the different parts and the entire assembly.

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Every year is a fresh start and every competition is a new avenue to improve the existing design and achieve better performance.  SOLIDWORKS software has proven to be an instrumental tool in implementing and realising our vision, thus providing an excellent designing platform and taking parts modelling and visualisation to an all new level.

The designing of each vehicle component is accomplished through SOLIDWORKS, starting from the Gearbox to the Roll cage models.

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Further, this software has enabled us to perform simulation studies and conduct Finite Element Analysis to closely examine the performance of each part under various load conditions.

Thus, using the SOLIDWORKS software has been a game changer for us and we owe a portion of our success to this amazing software that has made designing so vivid and creative.

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The Road Runners are very busy for next year’s competition working on design optimization of their gear box and drive axle.

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Thank you The Road Runners for sharing with the SOLIDWORKS Community.  Marie

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