Safety Glasses are the New Fashion Statement

FRC 469 2014 Winners

The best in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) was celebrated at the FIRST Robotics 2014 Championship in St Louis.  Teams FRC 469, FRC 254,FRC 2848 and FRC 74 were crowned champions in this engineering celebration. I have known Team 469  Las Guerrillas, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for a long time.  Since 1999, Team 469 has been an inspiration to all.  See Love of Engineering story.

We have followed the FRC 254 Cheesy Poofs,San Francisco, CA,  an early adopter of SolidWorks and the FRC 2848 Jesuit All Sparks, Dallas, TX.  The All Sparks created a series of great SolidWorks and Design tutorials for all teams.

12,000 students participated in this event.  Everyone wore safety glasses.  Safety glasses are the new chic fashion statement for smart students who learn to solve the toughest engineering problems, perform as a team, and have fun.

FRC 1086 Blue Cheese

We wore safety glasses and cheese heads with the FRC 1086 Blue Cheese, Glen Allen, VA.

FRC Holy Cows 1538

We wore safety glasses with the FRC 1538 Holy Cows, San Diego also featured at SolidWorks World (story) and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.


We saw the best in design with these young women engineers from FRC 2135 Presentation Invasion, San Jose, CA,

PWNAGE 2451 - 2PWNAGE 2451

great mechanical assemblies from FRC 2451 PWNAGE Robotics, Fox Valley, IL,

and the best media display from the FRC 2485 W.A.R Lords, San Diego, CA.

Warlords interactive display

My colleagues, Eric, Sarah and I talked to hundreds of young SolidWorks users that showed us their models and promoted their achievements from implementing new technology to passing their certification exam and becoming CSWAs from Team 2158 the ausTIN Cans. The FRC Team 2468 CHAP Robotics team, Austin, TX showed SolidWorks on their laptops and in a well organized design report.

FRC 2468 SolidWorks Model

Although we can’t mention all the teams we visited, more stories are tweeted  @SolidWorksEDU and @mplanchard1.  We loved their passion for design, innovation and SolidWorks.  We thank all teams that have used SolidWorks.

As the season has come to a close, SolidWorks remains committed to FIRST teams.  Teams can apply for sponsorship at  We will be ready for you June 1 for your summer programs and STEM camps.  Marie









Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

Senior Director, Early Engagement, 3DEXPERIENCE Works at Dassault Systemes
Marie Planchard is an education and engineering advocate. As Senior Director of Education & Early Engagement, SOLIDWORKS, she is responsible for global development of content and social outreach for the 3DEXPERIENCE Works products across all levels of learning including educational institutions, Fab Labs, and entrepreneurship.
Marie Planchard