San Diego State University Formula SAE Team Showcased at SolidWorks World

SDSU FSAE FEA Rotor SolidWorks Simulation

For San Diego State University Formula SAE Aztec Racing, it is all about teamwork.  That is one of the reasons why SDSU FSAE is being showcased at SolidWorks World.

SDSU FSAE Design judgingSDSU FSAE SolidWorks Sticker

The purpose of the team is to promote collegiate education through the design, manufacturing and marketing of a small, open wheel race car. The cars are built with a team effort over a period of about one year and are taken to the annual competition for judging and comparison with approximately 100 other race cars from colleges and universities throughout the world. For 6 years, Aztec Racing has used SolidWorks.

SDSU Team Working on CarTeam working on car2

The end result is a great experience for young students in a meaningful engineering project as well as the opportunity of working in a dedicated team effort.

The SOLIDWORKS EDU team has seen the Aztec Racing team perform exceptional well year over year at SAE events.  The team is well organized and runs like a small company under the direction of Matthew Dulog, president, with Anthony Gustavo Maldonado, vice president and Simon Weber, Chief Engineer.  I got a chance to talk to Matthew and asked why does the team use SolidWorks?  He said, “SolidWorks is intuitive and easy to use.  Also it has a more appealing UI than most cad programs.”


Aztec Racing  - SDSU Formula SAE Team at SolidWorks World

SolidWorks provides the team with the essential tools to design and analyze the car.  Juan Carlos Campos leads body design, Gonzalo Vasquez, wheels, Daniel Chance, chassis, Max Rooney drivetrain, Ben Cadua and Theo Noodeloos driver controls, Anthony Guevara, suspension.  Don’t forget the business side, Oliver Weber,business and sponsorship. Other members include Amanda Willis, Sean Sanford, Chang, Joey Torres, Abraham Buenrostro, Eric Zungner, and Eric Marc-Aurele.

SDSU FSAE Body SolidWorks WorldSDSU FSAE Chassis SolidWorks World

If you like to learn more about driving fast and to use SolidWorks & SolidWorks Simulation to design a well-engineered machine, then visit the SDSU FSAE Aztec Racing team at SOLIDWORKS WORLD.     It’s amazing how college students can build the majority of a race car in 3 weeks.  If you can’t be at SolidWorks World, you can follow the SDSU FSAE Aztec racing progress on their facebook page:

You can find SolidWorks Tutorials for FSAE, Baja and other lessons here.  Marie

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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