Introduction to SolidWorks Plastics

An animation of plastic filling out a shape by the injection molding process

Plastic Injection Molding

    Injection molding is very widely used in industry when creating plastic parts. SolidWorks Plastics is an Add-in for SolidWorks that simulates this process. It is included in SolidWorks Education Edition 2013-2014.* To learn more about SolidWorks Plastics click here.

    The tutorial below will explain how to set parameters and run a flow analysis of plastic to fill a part. The injection molding process is used in SolidWorks Plastics. This is also available in a step-by-step procedure available at this link.

      If you are taking a class such as introduction to plastics, mold design, plastics design and manufacturing, or advanced computer aided design, this tool could be very helpful. The video below shows how to interpret the data from the previous simulation and create animations of the data.This is also available in a step-by-step procedure available at this link.

The CAD model used in the videos above can be downloaded by clicking here.

The next blog post will explain how to modify the configuration of your part and run the same tests.

* SolidWorks 2013 and above is required for SolidWorks Plastics. SolidWorks Plastics will NOT work with earlier editions of SolidWorks.