Airbus 380 Designed and Built by Students

Lycee Rene Mini Airbus

Lycée René Perrin, a French vocational technical school, used SolidWorks Education Edition software to team up with schools from Germany, Hungary, and Spain to produce functional replicas of the Airbus A380 jet as part of the BAC Pro Machining Technician (TU) program.

See it fly:  


Equip students at four European vocational technical schools to design and build four fully functional, 1:32 scale replicas of Airbus A380 jets as part of the BAC Pro Machining Technician (TU) program.

 Lycee Rene_Wheel_Assemby_Explode_ View


Leverage SolidWorks Education Edition software to execute every step of the project, from initial design and modeling to testing, simulation, and manufacturing.


• Assembled and flew four mini Airbus A380 jets

• Drove teamwork across four vocational schools

• Supported two-year TU study project

• Facilitated cross-institutional collaboration

 SolidWorks Mini A380

Amazing what students can do when given the opportunity. 

Complete case study:

Thank you Valerie Lecolle, SolidWorks Education team, for creating this story across 4 countries.  Marie

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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Marie Planchard