Traffic Cone Mold

Traffic Cone Molds

For this post I made a mold for my traffic cone that I created in my last post.  To do this I used the draft analysis tool in order to make sure the cone would come out of the mold easier.  Next, I created a parting line and surface on the base of the cone.  This is what will determine where the two halves of the mold will be.  I created a shut-off surface on the top of the cone to make sure that there would be a hole in the cone when it was made.  The two mold halves were then created using the tooling split feature.  Some holes were made in the bottom of the mold that could be used for the actual filling of the mold or to eject the cone from the mold.  Feel free to look at my features in the model below.  The model contains the two molds as well as the cone and parting surfaces.  These can be separated by right clicking a body in the body folder and selecting insert into new part.  Bodies can also be moved within a model by using the move/copy tool found under insert and features.  I hope you enjoy. 

Ian Jutras

Download Traffic Cone for Mold