Sheet Metal Joist Hanger

Joist Hanger with Joist
Joist Hanger

For this post I decided to make a joist hanger that is used in building things such as decks.  I made this part using the sheet metal tools.  The part was started by using a base flange which was U shaped.  Then edge flanges were added to create the other part of the nailing plate.  A few extruded cuts were used to shape the part.  Nailing holes were added using the hole wizard.  The bent tabs were tricky at first to figure out how to create.  In the end, they were created by using an extruded cut along with two edge flanges.  One of the benefits of making this part by using the sheet metal tools is that you can unfold the part after it is made which can be seen below.

Joist Hanger Flattened

If this part were to be manufactured, the flattened part would be cut out of a piece of sheet metal, holes would be drilled and then finally it would be bent.  I hope you enjoy!  Feel free to check out my model below.

Ian Jutras

Download Joist Hanger