Kinematics Tutorial: Finding Linkage Cognates with SolidWorks

Lately, I have been thoroughly enjoying learning about linkages, their motion, and their synthesis.  Anyone who has tried to find the cognates of a four-bar linkage may have noticed that the process is time-consuming and a bit tedious.

SolidWorks to the rescue!

SolidWorks makes it easy to build the Cayley diagram of a linkage, and subsequently move this diagram to find the cognates.  In theory, movement of links 2 and 4 to their designated positions will cause the cognates of the linkage to appear, and luckily, in this case, theory becomes reality. The different cognates are color coded:

Roberts Cayley Diagram
  Roberts Cognates

This certainly makes life easier.  Thanks for viewing!


Dave Knight

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Mechanical Engineering, 2013

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