SolidWorks STEM Educators II Grant

SolidWorks STEM Educators II Grant

Increasing skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education for the professional development of 1,000 US educators for Summer 2007. (Application Deadline: May 30, 2007.)  To apply, go to 

Grant Background

With backing by the National Science Foundation, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is an emerging movement in American education, which is increasingly realizing that global competitiveness requires students to be technologically literate. 

SolidWorks Corporation supports US STEM educators in an initiative aimed at improving students’ math and science skills and their interest in STEM related careers.

The SolidWorks STEM Educators II Grant focuses on the teacher. SolidWorks is committed to providing the most innovative resources for teaching and learning math, science and engineering principles. 

Through 3D modeling, virtual simulation, and online delivery, SolidWorks will provide examples in basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, biology, chemistry, physics, art, economics and new technologies. Teachers can utilize these examples directly in their classroom to reinforce core competencies and enhance the learning experience.

SolidWorks STEM Educators Grant includes:

  • One copy of the SolidWorks Student Edition modeling and analysis software for the instructor
  • One copy of the SolidWorks Education Edition Curriculum and Courseware CD for the instructor
  • A self paced on line course that demonstrates ways educators can incorporate 3D geometry with STEM concepts
  • 20+ hour of step-by-step tutorials
  • 30 hours of Professional Development Points (PDPs) and Certificate of Completion after competency lesson is submitted and approved
  • Access to the SolidWorks Teacher Community Website,
  • Monthly online SolidWorks-STEM lessons focusing on new approaches to basic math, algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry, physics, robotics, art, and economics
Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

Senior Director, Early Engagement, 3DEXPERIENCE Works at Dassault Systemes
Marie Planchard is an education and engineering advocate. As Senior Director of Education & Early Engagement, SOLIDWORKS, she is responsible for global development of content and social outreach for the 3DEXPERIENCE Works products across all levels of learning including educational institutions, Fab Labs, and entrepreneurship.
Marie Planchard