A Recap of Day Two of General Sessions at 3DEXPERIENCE World

SOLIDWORKS CEO Manish Kumar kicked off day two with a focus on experience. Specifically how SOLIDWORKS users have a unique opportunity to provide deliver more than just models or products. SOLIDWORKS users have an opportunity to create lasting experiences with their innovations. Today will discuss how to transform this idea into reality with insight from fellow users who are on the forefront of this transition.

It all begins with maximizing the information behind your products: data. Today’s solutions produce a torrent of data that must be securely stored, managed, reviewed and reused, making data management and organization essential. AI is making smart search a reality.

Once users put their data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, they no longer have to deal with complex, interconnected data. The platform provides users with freedom from: data organization, safety, security, backups, locations, and devices. As Manish said, “You can now deliver AI-driven organization to your data, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: innovation.”

Manish then brought the day’s first customer to the stage, Paul Vizzio, Director of Hardware Engineering at Proteus Motion, Inc., a sports lab in a box. While regular gym machines just move in one way,Proteus machines can provide fluid resistance for every three-dimensional movement a human can perform, making sure their muscles get the right kind of workout for any sport they play.

By leveraging 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, Proteus Motion has saved a lot of time and money by creating digital prototypes, testing hundreds, even thousands of iterations and have greatly benefitted from the platform’s intuitive data management.

Paul also mentioned that the company now has over 400 customers, among them is Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Manish then provided a preview of some exciting new AI technology that will help our customers innovate. He explained how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables users to not just locate that proverbial needle in the haystack but to find alternative parts, or perhaps even new suppliers. “We use AI to help you identify the right action that you must take.”

Manish reminds the crowd that SOLIDWORKS has been delivering AI-powered assistance for many years in features, such as Mate Helper and Sketch Helper.

Often, it’s when you are looking for a solution that you see something that inspires you. Perhaps you create a sketch or take a picture.

With new AI-driven Image to Sketch capability, our users will be able to go from idea to delivering experiences faster.  “It will help you save time and make you more productive, especially during the ideation phase. We want you to focus on innovation. Ai can provide the insight.”

Catherine Norman, 3DEXPERIENCE Works Global Partner Sales Manager, and Rob Phillips, Vice President of Global Engineering of Flowserve, a manufacturer of flow control systems with over 2,000 engineers. Flowserve decided to standardize on SOLIDWORKS company-wide in 2018, after evaluating several other CAD solutions.

Rob discussed his company’s support of the digital thread to support the overall organization, which is where SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and model-based definition become important. “We use IoT to monitor our equipment to optimize processes so digital twins become important and that’s where SOLIDWORKS is an enabler for us.”

Decarbonization is another pillar of the company, which is helping its customers leverage technology to reduce their respective environmental impacts and improve the world we live in.

Next up on stage was Thiago Amorim, a Dassault Systemes Design and Simulation Industry Process consultant, who introduced out next customers, Thiago Pinelli, Head of People, Technology and Innovation, and Tomaz Pinelli, Managing Director, from B&S Technologies in Brazil. The company designs and manufacturing industrial equipment for automation, packaging machines and has been using SOLIDWORKS for many years.

“We have projects in different locations and managing the communication between all the groups was becoming a nightmare.” Other issues were people in various roles not using the most current files and the hassle of managing technology infrastructure.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, B&S was able to provide their customers from all over the world to collaborate with a single source of truth.

We also heard from Srikrisha Chittur, 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation, who introduced the founder of Qargos, Alok Das, cofounder, and Pranav Shinde, Vehicle Development and Integration, a company that is designing Compact Logistics Vehicle (CLV) for the world. The goal to provide “transportation solutions to make transportation more humane.”

The company is not just creating a product, but smart connected platform solutions. “We want to simulate in the platform to provide Predictable execution, a more robust design because we used the MODSIM approach, optimizing through the design and simulation of products.”

Trevor Diehl, R&D at DELMIA Works, was up next and introduced Colin Goodale, Director of Information Systems, and Sherry McCandless, Director of Finance, from Tessy Plastics, a global contract plastics manufacturer. The company is using DELMIA Works ERP. “We have over 400 processes in place, so we need the real-time monitoring, we’ve reduced scrap and get products shipped in time,” says Colin.

DELMIA Works ERP enables them to analyze the real-time production data so management can make better decisions.

Next on stage was Mike Buchli, and Tom Vangilst, Business Information Manager at Viscon, who discussed the company’s use of the platform.  After a successful pilot of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Viscon, started rolling out its use.

The company has created a Virtual twin of its factory. Tom explains that in the virtual twin, the equipment is parametric and the parameters are built in by our engineers. Combined, it makes it that these layouts, everyone (sales, production, engineering) is looking at the same data.

“Our assemblies are very complex. We use CAD models straight from SOLIDWORKS and we have had no performance issues. Performance is amazing compared to what we have used in the past. Next up for us will be simulation; run in real-time the performance to identify bottlenecks.”

Suchit Jain came to the stage next to introduce CTO Thomas Silva of Endiatx, a company that is transforming healthcare with their remarkable PillBot™ the world’s first virtual endoscope.

With this miniaturized motorized submarine drone, patients can simply swallow the PillBot, which can then provide live footage from your stomach without anesthesia, sedation, recovery time.

“SOLIDWORKS enabled us to achieve a 90% reduction in size and communication between the electrical and mechanical engineers was greatly facilitated,” says Thomas.

The company is now developing PillBot 2, which will be even smaller. “No hospital, no drugs, no wait.”

Abhijit said his team’s use of MODSIM “saved us a year of development.”  What’s next? It’s just the start of our journey. We want to focus on expanding to more cities and scale up to make our products more accessible.

Today’s keynote was Aneesa Muthana, CEO of Pioneer Services, to discuss the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), which she describes as “empowerment without dividing.”

She pointed out that success must be earned, not given, and pointed out that playing the victim fosters a toxic environment, one that brings the culture down and makes it very difficult to understand. Aneesa broke done DEI this way:

Diversity: hiring qualified people from varied backgrounds

Equity: Fair opportunities and compensation

Inclusion: making everyone feel like they belong

As Aneesa says, “DEI really just means treat people fairly. If your company’s values are not aligned with this, change them. If you can’t change them, it’s on you to find your Plan B.”

She also addressed the current “Workforce crisis” and how a more inclusive workforce can help not only with the skills gap but can enhance innovation by bringing in more diverse thinking. If you missed this keynote, please watch the on-demand recording.

We enjoyed hearing about our customers’ digital transformation journeys today. We hope you will join us for tomorrow’s closing General Session, which you can watch live on SOLIDWORKS Live at 3DEXPERIENCE World.


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