Making the Right Connections at 3DEXPERIENCE World and Beyond

At DS SOLIDWORKS we focus a lot on being connected as we know we are stronger together as one than the sum of any of our individual parts. During the pandemic, we had to discover new ways to remain connected to one another, relying on various technologies and new means of collaborating as a team and remaining productive.

Every year at 3DEXPERIENCE World, I witness the power of the connection between our users, when they are physically together, face to face, sharing stories and trading tips and tricks. Our incredibly passionate users are truly what makes DS SOLIDWORKS a great company, and they are who drive us to continue to work hard to optimize and improve our solutions.

Every year we listen to our users and let their suggestions and ideas guide us in improving our solutions and adding the functionality our users need to improve how they work.  Our annual Top Ten collects feedback annually from our users, and we use these ideas as a basis of creating future versions of SOLIDWORKS.

This deep connection with our users is what drives us daily to do better. Our users are the ones who are creating the better tomorrow for all of us, after all. We want to provide the connection to the technology and tools that enable them to create the products that will make life better and easier for all of us today and in the future.

Connecting your product development superpowers

These connections extend to the various disciplines involved in product development. No great new product was ever created by just one person. Product development today is a collaborative effort that involves many disparate groups within a company. The groups empowered to ideate, create, test, and build new products are often hindered from working collaboratively because they are working with tools that speak different languages. Exporting and translating often leads to lost intelligence and miscommunications.

While many companies have amassed best-in-class, point solutions over the years, these disparate solutions often cause headaches down the line. In fact, a recent Tech-Clarity survey and eBook found that this approach comes at a very steep cost. The lack of integration between tools creates bottlenecks, breaks the digital thread of data, and prevents the various stakeholders from effectively collaborating with one another.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio, we have hand-selected solutions specifically for SOLIDWORKS users, and these integrated tools, while also best-in-class, are all connected through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This cloud-based platform provides a safe, unified place for design teams members to save their work, and collaborate with everyone else—without having to translate or export files.

By providing that vital connection between designers and engineers, analysts, manufacturing personnel, execs, sales and marketing, and even customers and suppliers, everyone is always on the same page. Issues can be identified early when changes can be made quickly and without huge cost or time-to-market implications. Collaboration is easy and miscommunications become a thing of the past because everyone has an equal ability to provide the valuable feedback that results in truly optimized products.

Deploying tools and solutions from a platform enables that valuable connection—between people, tools and data—to remain intact. In that Tech-Clarity survey, of those who have moved to an integrated platform approach to product development, 99 percent report advantages over other approaches. These advantages included improved product quality, greater efficiency, better scalability, lower product costs, and better business agility.

Connecting to the Cloud

We have invested a lot of time and resources in connecting SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Why? Because it opens up a world of opportunities for our users to do much more than ever before. By connecting their SOLIDWORKS to the platform, users easily share data with collaborators, fostering better communication among team members. It also opens the door to improve efficiencies in other areas of product development, such as simulation and manufacturing.

With our SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer, our users gain complete design freedom and can design and collaborate with team members, suppliers and partners from anywhere, on any device, using a web browser. It lifts the burden of costly IT overhead and enables companies to scale their solutions as they grow.

See you in Dallas

Circling back to the most important connection of all; connecting our users to each other. As many of you are already aware, we are heading back to Dallas, Texas, for 3DEXPERIENCE World, February 11-14, and I certainly hope to see you all there.

This event is the perfect place to make those valuable connections with not only like-minded peers, but with makers, students, manufacturers, and industry experts and visionaries. There will be so much to inspire you, help you advance your career, expand your skill set and make your work day more productive. You are an important part of this event and we hope to see you there.

Future connections await.

Gian Paolo Bassi

Gian Paolo Bassi

Gian Paolo Bassi is senior vice president of 3DEXPERIENCE Works.